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Varje hud är unik

Sure, the skincare universe has moved on from exclusively showing white women in white clothes – today anyone can be in a skincare ad. But only if you have perfect, smooth, and clean skin. We still face hundreds of perfect faces daily and this is not really helping the teenagers who have both lots of skin problems and little self-esteem.

But when you think about it, “perfect skin” is just an illusion. There is no “standard skin” and no universal definition of “bad skin”. There’s only one thing we know for sure: that each skin is unique! And that’s why every skin needs customized care to be healthy and in balance.

Ren Rutin is a new skincare line from Kronans Apotek that is specially created to balance teenage skin with an easy three-step routine. When we were creating the launch campaign we decided to take the skincare universe to the next level by using some real skin positivism.

“There’s only one thing we know for sure: that each skin is unique!”