Closing the gap between branding and advertising. IW Edition was born in the summer of 2019 to meet the growing need for coherent brand experiences. Together we ensure strategic deliveries with communicative height and innovative communication and design with a firm foundation in brand strategy.

A small agency with big ambitions. IW Edition is a small and agile creative agency packed with experience and talent. We love working together with Identity Works to seamlessly turn branding into communication. But we also work independently with clients outside of the family.

Conceptual yet close to the brand.

As the boundaries between content and advertising are fading, a consistent direction becomes more important than ever. Campaigns might have a start and stop date on paper, but in reality, everything about your brand communicates, at all times. A strong brand needs to be distinct, coherent, and meaningful. It’s core, voice, design, and actions should be inseparable. We help brands clarify where they are going and why to make both employees and consumers passionate about the journey.

Co-creation lives in our core.

We love to work closely together with our clients. Not just because it’s more fun and easy that way, but because we believe that working flexibly with no prestige towards a shared goal is key for success.

We call ourselves a creative agency because we are in the business of creative problem solving, not bound by a specific media. Although digital channels are obviously central in all communication, we are convinced that PR and innovation are key factors in creating successful campaigns. But – sometimes it’s more beneficial to re-evaluate a content strategy or upgrade the packaging design than to create an ad campaign. Our passion and pride simply lie in finding the best way to reach your goals.

We are proud to work with

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